Behind the Apron

Hello sweet human!

Thanks for wanting to know a bit more about me
I'm 35 years old, born in Brazil to Venezuelan parents, raised between 5 countries and 9 cities, youngest of three daughters, auntie to 6 amazing kiddos, and proud mother of 3 adorable & cheeky boys, aged 4 and 3 (twins). Hubby, Douglas (aka 'the delivery guy') and I landed in Australia almost 10 years ago, and we found "home at first-side".

My professional background has nothing to do with being in a kitchen. I'm not a professional baker or a qualified Pastry Chef; I'm 50% self tough, 50% tough by my sister. I have always been into food, yet, desserts were never my thing (I mean, making them... eating them has always been my expertise). A few years ago I wasn't able to follow the instructions on a cake box. For some reason adding milk and eggs to a sugary powder was too complicated for me.

I could only make three types of desserts (FYI part of our menu, and best sellers!), so trust me when I say I was not one of those people who spend their childhood baking. You can even ask Douglas about the first birthday cake I baked him (full disclosure: it was inedible and only served the purpose of poorly holding the candles).

And all of a sudden I was the mother of a little boy, and to him sleeping was overrated yeah, I'm laughing now. During those early days with a newborn I really needed sugar to keep me going, so I became obsessed with book recipes, courses, tutorials, and all about baking, desserts, chocolate, combining flavours, and so on.

Many batches of baked goods in the bin later & cloudless days and nights of practice and experimenting. All of my recipes tested a million times before they make it out of our kitchen, and that is why I'm very confident (and proud) to say that I make freaking good desserts. So confident that I started this sweet journey.

What I love the most about sweets is their power to bring people together. So you may think I'm in the business of making sugary treats, but the truth is: I'm in the business of making people happy. If only ONE person smiles after a long session of sifting, mixing and whipping, my mission is accomplished and my work has served its purpose.

So thank you. Your support means the world to me.
xx, Ana Barráez