Life's short

Make it sweet


Guest arriving soon... nothing for dessert? Don't panic we've you covered!

Always made to order

Menu specially design for rush orders

5-hours gap delivery. T&Cs apply

Up to 12 portions p/ dessert from $45


Our unique range of desserts available for next day delivery, or at the date or your choice.

Always made to order

Unique menu with many options to choose from

Up to 12 portions p/ dessert

Options from $40


Looking for the perfect gift? We can help! No better way to let them know you care.

Lovely boxes & basquests

Free card with your message

BYO gift to add to delivery

From $35 for all occasions


Julia Child said it well: "A party without cake is just a meeting".

No quoting needed, fixed affordable prices

Convenient sizes & delicious flavours

Personalised colours

Same day delivery when ordering before noon


How much goodness can you handle?

Calling all dessert lovers!
Australia's first "Dessert Club" has arrived to the Capital Region; introducing TSTS's exclusive subscription-based dessert delivery service offering weekly, fortnightly & monthly plans.
A service created for REAL sweet tooth who can't go without dessert.

Convenient, affordable, delicious.

Corporate Memberships

Small businesses, offices, schools, embassies...

No matter what type of business or industry you are in, we can offer a membership to suit your needs.
Either you want daily morning/afternoon tea to be taken care of, you want a weekly service for your casual Fridays, or you want to plan ahead the birthdays of the month.

Dessert is not food

is JOY!

The Sweet-fix Project

Baking the world a better place,
a teaspoon of sugar at the time.

Life's a lot better with dessert

The purpose of life
is a life with purpose. Robert Byrne
Sweets with
a purpose

The story behind our story taught us the importance of kindness and community. Sometimes the smallest actions can really make a difference to others.
The idea is simple; once a month we'll give away an honorary membership to a deserving someone, nominated by you, so together, we can make their life sweeter.

Nominate that deserving someone

We know there're so many great people out there; stories that deserve to be heard, inspiring life experiences that can help us grow.
It can be your friend going through a rough time. It can be that teacher who does a remarkable job. It can be your colleague who just gave birth. It can be anyone who can use a "cheer up", a "thank you" or a "well done".

Let us know their story

Send us an email, tag us in their accounts or pop us a DM on Social Media. Let us know a bit about that person.
It's not a competition, so they are not winners. We'll randomly select who's getting "the fix" of the month. If isn't your person this month, it may be it next. Be a part of our mission of spreding love and joy all around us.

It all started with a craving

Wonder who?

My name is Ana, I'm the 'one-girl-show' in command of The Sweet Tooth Society. Thank you SO MUCH or being here, and for being curious about the person behind the biz.

I'm a dessert enthusiastic, I love shopping at markets and independent stores. I'm a recovered shoe collector, Sauvignon Blanc taster, a creative soul, and a hard worker.

I don't believe in failure; "It's not about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward", said Rocky, and that's what life it's all about.

In every single treat I make there's a piece of me. Sugar makes me happy, and my goal is to make you happy too with my yummy creations.

Wanna know a bit more about me? Then keep reading!

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